Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Time Home Buyers Credit Preparation

1.R.J Credit Associates has officially launched our first time homebuyers credit preparation program. After seeing proven results its the best program of its kind for the complete michigan region.

Newly launched because of high demand and proven results! R.J Credit Associates first time home buyers credit preparation program/course is available to persons interested in home-ownership for the first time. We prepare their credit so they are in a position to purchase, we assist in debt management to eliminate the option of debt increase once the home is purchase( i.e avoid possible foreclosure due to excessive debt obligations in the future), we provide a budget to make sure the homeowner can afford the home and is saving properly in-case of a emergency
and best of all we work on increasing the score to get you a better interest and to help you get preapproved. To sign up or inquire about our first time homebuyers credit preparation program please call us (248)-451-1533. We offer Free consultations!

2. Were Expanding-

R.J Credit Associates is Michigans premiere and fastest growing credit and debt counseling of its kind. Due to proven results and high demand were looking into coming to a city near you with offices currently being opened in the Southfield, Royal Oak, Troy, Pontiac and Detroit area and The state of Georgia.

3. Three for free: As pillars to our community it's are pleasure to give back , we also love the testimonals . (Which is why we launched our three for free).

Every year R.J Credit Associates selects three individuals to provide them with any three programs for free. To enter go to our contact page and place "three for free" in the subject box along with your name, address and phone number and why you feel you should win. (financial situation added to the comments is always a plus but not neccessary).

4.RJ's little financial scholar or young financial expert awards and Bike Giveaway.

Every thing starts at child hood from tying our shoes to business etiquette, finances are no different. R.J Credit Associates selects a little scholar and young financial expert each year. We give them prizes ( Bikes, getaways, gift cards, cameras and more) for sharing their practices of how they are staying financial savvy. Tell us how you save or the steps your using to building credit and maintaing a strong financial history and we will enter your name into our annual drawing.